Lifestyle Coaching

Do you always feel exhausted and abhorring the weighing scale off late? Is your packed work-schedule making you to switch for quicker cooking alternatives that you are having with a higher dose of guilt intact? Do you want to lose weight but cannot cut the intake of junk food from your life? Has your life got drowned in the sea of partying, finger-licking greasy grubs and harmful habits? If you are looking for lifestyle coaching assistance and the best guidance to live healthy and fit, meet Jennifer, the renowned Nutrition Specialist in New York!

What can you expect from Jennifer’s lifestyle coaching sessions?

  • Proper and personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching that is evidence-based and backed by scientific means.
  • Dedicated attention to your personal lifestyle problems and tailor-made recommendations offered. It is not a run of the mill job that is offered. Once you book an appointment with Jen, you not only get talking to a nutrition expert but get help in every step like a true guide.
  • You get a renewed approach, fresh outlook towards life. You are steeped in positivism and get all charged up to bounce back to life and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Assessing the root cause of health problems becomes easy by Jen and the emotional support that you get to override your health concerns is commendable!
  • You get encouraging meal tips, fitness suggestions, non-judgmental and trust-worthy support.

The health conditions and medical issues you can get help with:

  • Anxiety disorders and fatigue
  • Cardiovascular diseases like high-level of cholesterol, blood pressure, any kind of heart disease
  • Problems in eating habits of kids or addressing any kids nutrition-related problems
  • Diabetes
  • Emotional eating habits or emotional eating problem
  • GI disorders
  • Hormonal imbalance problems
  • Mental health and mood disorders
  • Pregnancy and fertility eating suggestions
  • Nutrition guidance be it for sports, vegan
  • Weight loss
  • & much more

Get in touch now!

If you feel that you need some help for attaining health and fitness goals, get assisted by the best nutrition specialist in Newyork. Give a call and book an appointment with Jen!