Nutritional Counseling

Food and nutrition are at the root of and can be the cure for many health problems. Whether you need disease management, improve your lipid profile or simply want to lose weight to achieve your ideal appearance you will need Nutritional Counseling. Jennifer is the nutrition specialist in New York, who can assist you make the connection between the things that you eat the way you feel and the way you heal. Healthy nutrition and a physical activity plan can play a key role in preventingfuture health problems. Food and, if needed supplements, can be used to alleviate the symptoms of various medical problems, lack of energy or discomfort. Over the years, our experts have used dietary interventions to improve many medical issues, aside from improving overall appearance.

How Our Counseling Helps You?

You can rely on Jen to provide you with Nutrition counseling that can offer hope and assistance with:

  • Conquering eating issues
  • Having better digestion
  • Managing a chronic illness
  • Losing weight and boosting your metabolism and confidence
  • Reducing pains and aches in your joints and/or back
  • Boosting energy and enhancing well-being
  • Managing depression and anxiety

Jen is a thoughtful and experienced nutritionist and health coach andher efforts are backed by research. We offer Holistic and Western Nutritional Counseling, which has been proven in its ability to satisfy emotional, physical and mental requirements. We offer Nutritional Weight & Wellness guidance, and our nutrition specialist in New Yorkuses an intuitive approach along with the latest problem-solving skills, clinical experience and scientific research, to make you feel better.

Your First Appointment

Jen ensures that a complete health history and assessment of your current state is performed in your first session in order to design a suitable nutrition plan that will be effective for you. We will discuss yourissues, objectives and goals in order to bring about noticeable change in your life. It takes six months to make real behavioral change, so Jen’s 6 month of 12 session plan is what we recommend, but you don’t have to commit to anything at the first session and can come as often or as seldom as we see fit.  In addition to an assessment of your lifestyle, typical food patterns, gastrointestinal function, exercise, energy levels, sleep patterns and stress levels, Jen can weigh you, take your measurements, fat composition, and blood work can be done by medical assistants in her office if you want your cholesterol, blood glucose, vitamin levels etc. checked.JBI Nutrition recently acquired an RMR machine, which measures your resting metabolism, another neat tool that allows us to cater a nutrition/weight loss plan specifically to you.

We use all these information to spot the possible change areas in order to develop a nutrition plan individualized to your goals and at the end of each session we will set 1-3 small goals . Jen is eager to assist you in using nutritional plan for improving your overall wellness.